Let Us Find Money  For Your Customers

Consider us your non-compensated employees. We work for you. Use our experience and expertise to help your customers get the most competitive rates and terms on their loan while you do what you do best, “SELL,” and we do what we do best, “FINANCE.”

We Do It Right The First Time

We work directly with your customer and complete a thorough interview process to increase loan approval opportunities and gain swifter approvals while working to overcome credit blemishes. We offer a wide variety of loan packages, and all are designed to help you close more and sell more. We do it right the first time.

RSF prepares the needed loan documents and transmits them to you or your customer via e-mail, fax, or overnight delivery. We will fully disclose the financial arrangements directly with your customer. If you’d prefer, you can go over the arrangements with your customer and send us the original copies afterward; we will handle from there. Funding times vary, but we make it our goal to get you the funds ASAP.