Credit Concerns?
Whether your credit is perfect or you have a couple of dings on your report, our nationwide lender base allows us to find lending and leasing solutions regardless of previous credit history.

Personal or Business?
We offer solutions to your financing needs whether your trailer is for personal use, business use, or both.

Need More than One?
Many of our loans and leases provide the option to finance multiple trailers on the same loan or lease contract. This allows you to make multiple purchases with one easy monthly payment. So, whether you need 2, 3, 4, or more, we can make it happen!

Get Approved Today!
We can provide same-day loan closing, with many approvals coming within minutes! Utilize our experience and flexible options for all of your equipment loans. Do note that two years prior established installment history and some debt to income requirements may be required to qualify for approval.

Nationwide Lending Option
We are able to secure the very best loans or leases for your needs because we shop from a pool of national lenders. With such a wide variety of lenders to choose from, we find the best financing packages with no minimum or maximum dollar amounts. Rely on the professionals at Rock Solid Funding LLC and get a loan or lease perfectly suited to your needs.

Sign and Drive
The Sign and Drive program does not require proof of income. You can purchase your trailer from a dealer OR a private seller. Any age of collateral is welcome. Some brief requirements:

  • Must have a 660 score
  • Must have no delinquencies within the last year
  • Minimum loan is $2500
  • Max loan amount is $7500